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You Are Already An Expert!

There is no need to purchase those expensive and long so-called "Certification" courses. You already are an expert! Attorneys are looking for Nurses with experience, and education. You do not need a Masters degree. What you need is experience! You already have that, right? Nurses work in various healthcare areas and bring that expertise to the client Attorney. You know the standards of care for Nursing in general, but also for the specialty in which you hold a position. There is no area of Nursing that is not needed by Attorneys. Attorneys also require assistance in their offices in putting the charts together and directing them in the healthcare maze.

Finding an easy guide book or mentor in this field, is a must. But the critical part is knowing your value and not succumbing to the ads to spend money on yet another "certification." Next I'll discuss how to market yourself and let Attorneys know how you can help them in their interesting case work.

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