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Some Tips to Manage Your Business

Pretty soon, you will have several cases, some funds coming in and some expenses for your office. Keep your overhead low. You just need some office supplies and a computer and printer, preferably with a scanner. HP has several which are quite inexpensive.

An invaluable item is to use a data management system. I use Quick Books. Another one is Fresh Books. Both similar. They manage your lists of clients, contact information, notes, and does many reports. For taxes, I hit one button to get the information needed for my accountant. I enter the revenue by case, and expenses as I go. A dashboard is provided which gives key information on your business. I can make invoices and bills as needed and make address labels and many other necessary features too innumerable to list here. For years, I did all this on a Word table! There is a small monthly fee but it is well worth it. It is very user friendly and requires little learning. there is a nice set-up and help menu. So get started!!! Quick Books is an Intuit company.

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