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Assess Your Experience: Am I Marketable?

As I said, all Nurses have unique skills, even if working in a general med surg or out-patient area. In fact, it is in those areas that consulting work is mot needed and requested. The first thing is to review your CV/resume, and update it. Use verbs in stating just what you have done, supervised, produced, and/or the quantity that you covered: in time, percent, dollars, number of staff. Always keep your resume up to date and ready to be sent to either an attorney client or any job position. It may be helpful to have someone of authority review it for you. Although this seems basic, you would be surprised how often Nurses ignore this aspect.


Secondly, begin to construct a draft introduction letter, which should include-all on 1 page- who you are, and what service you can provide for them to assist the attorney in the case work. You must show how you can help them with efficient review, and how you can save them time and be more cost effective for them. Finally, ask for a meeting or a phone appointment so that you can expound on your abilities. Begin to think about our fees. What do others charge for similar services? Knowing our "competition" is critical. Don't under-price yourself as many Nurses often do. Do not feel guilty for charging money for a service! Construct a simple fee structure, so that you will have on hand for any call that may come in of interest. You don't want to be fumbling around trying to think of this on the fly. Research med-mal attorneys in your area, mail the letters with a business card. Do not discuss fees in this introduction. It is more important to highlight your abilities. We will get to more details shortly in these blogs.


Always stick to Nursing in your discussions with attorneys. You are not a lawyer-they are! No need to know the law or statutes or such things. You are an expert in Nursing!


The next blog will deal with some details on marketing to get you started.

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